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Guinness West Indies Porter - 500ml (6%)

Guinness West Indies Porter - 500ml (6%)

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Embark on a voyage of flavour with Guinness West Indies Porter, a beer that marries the rich heritage of Ireland with the tropical allure of the West Indies. This dark and delightful brew pays homage to the historical roots of Guinness while embracing the bold, robust character of a Caribbean-inspired porter.

Pouring a deep, velvety brown, Guinness West Indies Porter welcomes you with a symphony of roasted malt, chocolate undertones, and a hint of tropical fruitiness. The result is a complex and satisfying beer that captures the spirit of exploration in every sip.

Balancing the iconic Guinness smoothness with a touch of exotic flair, this porter invites you to savour the fusion of two worlds. Whether you're by the fireside or under the palm trees, Guinness West Indies Porter is your ticket to a taste adventure that transcends borders and traditions. Cheers to a porter that embodies the best of both worlds – the richness of Ireland and the vibrancy of the West Indies!

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